Footpeg springs??????

I have a set of IMS Flightline pegs on my 95 XR100R. I use the stock springs, but the aren't very strong...after the peg is pushed up a couple times, the peg just flops around. Seams like the spring looses it's spring back. Does anyone know of any footpeg spring mods or other year or make bikes that have strong springs that will work with this bike peg combo??? Thanks, Hutch

I have a set of IMS pegs that came with specific springs. When one of the springs broke after it's first moto I ended up ordering another set of springs from IMS and they charged me 8.90 plus shipping. Since then the IMS springs have held up to months of abuse (lots of crashes on dirt and asphalt).

The springs off of a yz 125 or 250 will work, the pegs will fit also, with a little bit of grinding. I used my rm 250 stock pegs but had to tig a piece of flatstock on the bottoms. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!.....COME ON SPRING!!!

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