What parts can be used

Finaly got my c440, but it needs some love. Brake pads, sprockets, plastic and making it idle when cold would be great. While I'm at it, is it common for these motors to be so noisy? Also when I changed all the fluids there was alot of silver haze in the oil???? Please fill me in. But I love it!!!!!

So did you get it used? If used then there shouldn't be any silver haze at all.

If new then you should see some metal flakes the first two or three oil changes. After that things will clear up nicely. Make sure you check the screen at the back of the engine as well. After the oil cleans up you don't need to check the screen that often. You might consider a Stainless Steel oil filter from Scotts. They are the cats meow. :)

As far as parts go try a search on TT on each item to find the latest info. I also have a list of things on my site of things known and rumored to fit here.

Congrats and welcome to the club!!

Yep. That noisy. I wear earplugs when I ride, have for years. You will think the motor is coming apart from the noise it makes. Then when you start riding, the thing runs and handles so well you forget all about it! :)

Once I slip my helmet on and get my race face in place (cough cough) I don't notice any noise at all.

Well OK, I hear myself screaming in terror every once in while, but thats more or less normal.

I agree with Harry,

When I'm sitting there idling the engine noise is very noticeable but once I start riding it never even crosses my mind again how noisy it is. I guess because I'm too busy thinking about how much fun I'm having! :)

Sound is like 1/2 of my old 1969 Sportster...bucket o' bolts

Well OK, I hear myself screaming in terror every once in while, but thats more or less normal

That's what the earplugs are for, primarily. That and so I can't hear my pit folks complain while I'm screaming at them to go faster... :)

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