oil change

i am going out soon to change my oil. and this is my first time doing it. so i dont know what to do and i searched but couldnt find anything, can anyone tell me how to change my oil in both sides of the engine, and how much oil to put in each side?


Look in your manual, it says everything :thumbsup:

If you dont have one then ill give you a brief explanation.

Start up your bike, let it idle for about a minute to let the oil warm up, then take off the oil cap type thing, get under your bike and unscrew the drain plug (make sure you have something under your bike ready to catch the oil. Let it all drain out and then put the bolt back on. See if you can find a manual to find out how much oil you need.

Well your manual should tell you how much oil to put in. Then start it up for about 3 min. Then drain you engine oil by removing the bottom bolt under the engine. This is the biggest one. Let it all drain out. Then plug it back up. For your first time you shouldnt have to replace the oil filter so just do that next time. (see your maunal) Then measure out the oil that your manual says and poor it in the left side of your motor where the black cap with the dip stick is. Not on the side with the kick starter!!! (other side). Then fill to the middle of the dip stick.

To change the trannsmission oil first drain it. The drain bolt is located under the shift lever. You'll see it if you look hard. It took me awhile to find. Your manual should say as well. You will know its the right one cause its about 3-4inches long. Let it all drain out and then put the bolt back in. Then go to the other side of the motor (the side with the kick starter) and take of the little black cap with no dip stick. Then also remove the tranmission oil check bolt. This is the only bolt with a phillips screw driver head. ALso it says like 700cm under it. Dont use a screw driver to take it off, use a socket. Then with that bolt in hand poor in the correct amount of transmisson oil. Poor what the manual says to poor in and poor until oil starts comming out of the little hole. When it does that means you have enough oil and you should quickly replace the bolt. If no oil comes out slowly add until it does. Then place the black cap back on.

Then start your bike for about 3 min and then check the engine oil level (the cap with the dip stick). It will drop as the oil lubricates the motor. So add more to keep the oil in the middle marking of the dipstick. Then your set.

Take your time. Measure correctly. I found that to keep the engine oil at the correct level of the dipstick you have to add a little more oil than the manual says. Its easy. Just remeber to change your oil filter next time. Also easy.

Post any questions if you have them.

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