bike pops/jetting question

i have a question that i want to verify. my bike backfires after i let off the gas. like from full throttle, i let off and it pops. to jet correctly i need to go leaner correct? i have a stock 07kx450. and live in las vegas so it would need to be correctly jetted at about 2000ft elevation. Thanks

Popping on decel is a lean pilot jet circuit.If any thing you want to go richer not leaner.The 07 comes Stock with a 42 pilot jet which is good.Try richening up your fuel screw a 1/4 to half turn if you are on the standard 2 turns out and see if it goes away.It Should.Don't go more than three turns out.If not you will want to go up on the PJ.:thumbsup:

Decel popping can also be indicative of an air leak at the jug/header junction. If you can't get it solved w/ the pilot, apply some RTV sealant, let it sit for 24 hrs, then ride. That should solve your problem.

awesome guys thanks for the info.

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