Anodizing Rims...

Has anyone ever had any experience with anodizing their stock rims. I found a place in Cali that will do my set in black and rebuild my wheels for $200. He said that they will look just a good as a set of black Excel rims, but for much less money. Sounds too good to be true, so what are your thoughts...

Sounds like a damn good deal if ya ask me. Most places I have seen charge aabout $100 just to lace a wheel, let alone tear it down, anodize it and then relace them, I say go for it.

If you have that done, please post on how well your rims hold up to scratches and wear and tear. I would like to have it done to my rims but I am always on my bike. I ride about 4-5 times a week. I dont want to pay that money and have scratches on them within a week. Thanks

Red anodizing looks particularly trick on red XRs too,... to me anyway. :)

TCR provides the best wheel lacing and anodizing in Cali!

Tell Troy at TCR that Jason from CFC Motosports sent you!

if you're in So Cal, try Danco. They've treated me well in the past. They have several shops and specialize in anodizing and the like.

Arcadia, CA 626.445.3303

Curious as to what you gain from doing this ?

purely a visual mod ?

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