any good and sturdy suitcases option for a drz400s?

a friend of mine installed some Givi suitcases on his drz.. It's a kit with three suitcases and lets just say that I'm a bit jealous..

Is there any other options out there for a drz that could hopefully be capable of doing some trails without falling apart?

The Pelican 1430 top loading cases would work well for panniers. You can mount the to a Happy Trails rack. I think they look better than the Givis. Here is a pic.


they do look sturdier..

seems like a good option/mix.. thx for the reply!

The pelican cases are very tough. I use a Pelican 1400 as a small "trunk" on my DRZ. I plan to weld up some racks to hold the 1430 cases for some trail riding camping trips. Here are a couple of pics.



Most of the "farkles" were bought on Ebay or here on the TT classifieds. The graphics were purchased on Ebay and the seller said they were from the Suzuki flat track team. The headlight/windscreen combo is Buell headlights with a Cee Bailey's windscreen that I cut down both bought used on Ebay. The other mods are in my garage.

pelicans mounted to a pro moto billet rack is durable. If there is a Cabelas near you, they usually have them in stock.

nice option tiemann1 thx!

wondering if some side cases can be mounted with that rack though..:moon:

I'm sure with some custom work it can, but if I have the possibility to have an all icluded option I'd prefer that.

thanks for the replies guys! :thumbsup:

Kolpin used to make a 1.25 gal heavy plastic fuel cell that would mount to an ATV with a heavy steel L bracket. I flipped the bracket and bolted it to the top of the pro moto billet rack and then bolted the Pelican cases to the vertical side of the bracket. This set up allows you to mount the Pelicans square with the top rack instead of at an angle on the pro moto billet panniers. Occasionally I would mount the Kolpin fuel cell on the left bracket and a Pelican case on the right bracket over the exhaust. With an Acerbis 4.25 gallon tank and the fuel cell that would give me a range of about 275 miles at 50 mpg before the tank goes dry.

Nowadays I usually just throw an Ortleib medium size duffel bag over the back of the moto. I attached an aluminum heat shield to the pro moto billet pannier that rides over the exhaust to protect the bag. I can get a lot more crap into the duffel bag and it also serves as a back rest for a long day's ride. I try to keep the luggage weight below 50lbs. Not much of a subframe on the E, but it can handle 50lbs. Let your Beemer friends on their GS's bring along the expresso machine.

My opinion: Hard panniers are leg breakers & I would not use 'em on a dual-sport. Lots of people do, tho.

Pelicans are tough as hell & heavy as well.

There are some aluminum panniers out there on DRZ's as well.

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