Who would buy???

If i were to build up a 1977 xr75, tear it down, clean and or replace every gear, bolt, circlip, ect. And put in a boreXstroke kit to turn it into a 100cc, then weld on an fmf slip on, and make it look good, would anybody be interested in buying it? And how much do you think I could get out of it? It would be about like this beast... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDTLNvpXCrc

That bikes worth the most stock.Nicely restored and i dont mean power washed and spray canned,i mean torn down and RESTORED that bike would bring $1500 on up but it would probley cost that or more to restore it depending on the condition before you start.Those bikes are becoming quite collectable,we all had one growing up.Mine was a 79 XR80.

haha yeah don't mod it. somebody will snatch it up for a good bit haha

i thought that black Honda was incredible.

me want one!


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