RTT rocks!

Just took my first ride with the new RTT damper. It installed without a fight, and works as intended. The thumb control really makes turning it on a and off a breeze(and not dangerous). I found myself turning it on and off more than I would with a conventional unit. I even ran the old bar pad. :)

Pics man, Pics :):D

rttmotorsports.com, I'll shoot some pictures this week.

I love mine also. They were great as they forgot the new stem bolt. I had initially modified my orginal stem bolt to use the unit that weekend. But since changed it out to the supplied unit. Great workmanship and fit/finish. I am very impressed with it. And love that I can mount my TrailTech directly above the bar mount. I am torn though as I want to mount my bar pad on but the cmc work on the mount top plate is too pretty to cover up. LOL

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