Wiseco Piston Cracked at 50hrs.

I wanted to post a picture of this Wiseco piston that I took out after I lost all compression,I'm not sure if I should be happy or upset,I didn't think 50hrs. was that long on a piston,but I guess it could of been alot worse.I contacted Wiseco to see if there was something they could tell me,but they couldn't even get back to me,I talked to a guy that has built motors for Yamaha Of Troy,and he said it doesn't surprise him that a wiseco piston failed.I was told to either use a Pro-Circuit piston or a JE piston.



I would be happy that it cracked across the top and not the skirt costing a new barrel & head.I've read a lot about wiesco's being subpar.The 250's stock pistons were cracking like that.I would either chose a JE or CP.Procircuit cost to much and is a JE piston anyways.:thumbsup:

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