checking oil on a wr250f

hi folks just joined so this is ma first post. be gentle lol. basically ive got a 2004 WR250F. ive had a new clutch recently but the thing im confused about is how i check my oil level. ive got a dipstick on the frame and i know how to use that, also i know where to put the oil. but how do i check the oil? do i do it when the bike is warm? otherwise the oil won`t read on the dipstick because the dipstick is on the top of the frame. and if the bike hasn`t been used that day there`s no oil at the top. hope that made sence. steve

Checking the oil on the WR 250--let it idle for 3-4 minutes, then let bike cool down for about the same amount of time--but no more than 5 minutes---just put the dipstick in the frame WITHOUT twisting it down--pull out. Make sure bike is on level ground and not tipping too much to one side. If you do not have a manual, you should buy one--they are worth their weight in gold--e-bay usually has a few-or I think you can download one from "my Yamaha" on the yamaha site--good luck--The WR is a great bike (I own an 05)--but it is not bullett proof (like a TTR 230)---change the oil and filter often 5-7 hours and it will pay dividends in the long run--All the best, Brian

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