te510 or BMW 450x

Just had my bike stolen - TE610 and the insurance claim should be coming in a week.

Rode the 450 and found it much lighter and easier to ride than the 610 but not as much torque (for obvious reason).

My main concern with the BMW is the exposed engine. Around here we ride in the mountains and tend to smash rocks on a regular basis. The skid plates over the frame protects things well on the TE but it looks as though the BMW would lose half the block if rocks were hit.

Any ideas how the performance would be vs a TE510?

Going from a 610 to a 450?

1. Are you racing or trail riding?

2. Did you like the way your 610 felt.... power-wise?

3. How much of your riding is ugly rocky trail and how much of it is road?

Just guessing, but it sounds like you should really consider a TE510.



performance ... reliability ... after sales service ... what brand covers all this ?

Get a KTM. :thumbsup:

Most riding is up in the mountains and it sure can get rocky. Loved the 610 but I found it a bit big and heavy for the real technical stuff and thats why I am planning on the downsize.

Not much road riding, when I have to travel a distance the bike is on my trailer.

You should get a TE 510 or 450. I think you would like the 450 as much as a 510. I have over 2600 miles on my 450 and it has been flawless. If you are doing mostly woods riding I would get the 450.

Get a KTM. :thumbsup:

Just can't help yourself...can you!!:moon:

I'm looking at similar bikes at the moment. Have been tossing up between the BMW, the Husaberg, the Husky and the GasGas.

I rode a mates brand new 09 te510 yesterday, and was in love. The handling, suspension and power, along with the ergo's were perfect for me. The only thing that is a problem is the fuel range, and the fact that I dont want to be a copy-cat of my mate.

I visited the BMW dealer today because I'd yet to see a 450 in the flesh. I went in with high hopes, but was disappointed. The motor is way too exposed for my liking, and it just looks cheap and not as well put together as the husky, didnt do anything for me. Along with the stupidly large muffler, and hard as a rock seat i was turned off it. The ergo's aren't too bad for me, unfortunately it was raining heavily, so no test ride....not sure that i'll even bother test riding it actually.

By no means was the above a decent test, but at this point in time i'm really leaning to the proven bikes, that being the husky, or the gasgas

For rocky / trialy terrain get the Beta 450/525 no question...

KTM RFS engine with Gas Gas suspenders makes for the ultimate tool...

For tight stuff the TE is too savage ...The BM is still not "perfected"

Besides that, the Beta blows both of them away in the sexy dept:bonk:

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