Diving into case replacement. Sage advice?

Parts are on the way to replace the cases on my 06. The shift pin broke off a piece of the right side case, which I understand was a fairly common problem and the cases have been updated. This will be my first experience with split cases, so should be a bit of an adventure. Any good tips for things I may run into that the manual may not tell me? Also, if anyone else has had this same failure, did it result in any additional transmission damage?

I also need to get the crankshaft jig tool, anywhere these can be ordered online so I don't have to deal with ordering one at the dealer?

You don't need a jig tool.

First thing you're gonna want to do is build a engine cradle. This is just 2x4s about 12x12 or a little bigger can't remeber how big mine is. Nail them togther. This will allow you to move the engine ect while you work and for it to be cradled.

Second. You need case splitters. Don't split it with screw drivers. and a hammer.

I'm not sure if the new cases come with all the blind bearings allready in it. If not. you're infor a hella of a ride. you're gonna need a blind bearing puller. Or buy new bearings.

Inspect all parts. If you have a parts cleaner clean them throughly. then if you're not doing this in a few days. I generaly just store them in a ziplock bag with a spray of wd40 to prevent oxidation.

Make sure you have good toque wrenches. I have to suggest the digital torque wrench from snap-on. Yeah its exspensive but its not like you'll only use it one time. That can be used on eveything.

DO NOT RE-USE the crank bearings. Buy new crank bearings and seals. Also you'll need a bearing remover for that also. Some time you can use a can of liquid co2 [dry ice] to frease the crank and they sometimes will slip off that way. as far as the bearing remover. well you probably could rent it from autozone..

Good to know on the jig tool. I have a case splitter, and a crappy old bearing puller, but I ordered all new bearings. I also have a parts washer at my bike shop. Torque wrench is on the shopping list, and thanks for the tip on the engine cradle. Wish me luck.

Get new bearings.... trust me. I landed on a rock in late '06 and had to do this.

Even with a blind puller it's a royal pain. You'll need a press also to press the new bearings into place. Just take your time and pay attention to detail. It's really not that hard, just time consuming.

GOOD LUCK! :thumbsup:

I agree with hobandre. and you said you bought new bearings. Yeah its much easier to install new bearings then worrying about screwing up the used ones taking them out..

Yes a press is needed err well advised.

Good luck.. If you can spare the extra money I would just buy a new crank and piston while you have it apart. Unless you only have a few hours on the current crank.

Another 300 for an OEM crank or 225 for a hot rods was just a little more than I felt I could justify putting into the bike. New piston is on the way. I spent just under 1000 for the cases, bearings, piston, and gaskets at Motosport. I dont know how many hours exactly are on the crank. Supposedly the motor was all fresh when I got the bike back in the spring, and I was a relative beginner when I got it so the abuse hasnt been too bad. I was tempted to sell the bike as is or part out and grab a 450, they are being given away right now, but decided I wanted to stay on the 250 through the winter. Plus while I have it apart I am cooking up something pretty special for it in the styling department:rolleyes:

Take your time!!

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