Dirt around plug...warning

A warning to all of us who are not that bright when it comes to checking the plug.

Today, I decided to see what my plug looked like and when I was unscrewing it, I heard dirt grinding. As it turned out, dirt got down around the bottom of the hole (I guess through the small hole on the side of the cylinder). When I got the plug out, I saw caked on dirt around the spark plug hole. I vacuumed it out, but I don't know how much fell down the hole. Also, I could not get all the dirt out, but I got most of it.

Now, how would you guys handle this? I know I should have blown compressed air through the small hole on the side of the cylinder, right? Or what about washing the plug from the top and letting the water over-flow or drain out the small hole? Which is the best way to avoid this problem in the future?

Also, what happens if dirt fell in the spark plug hole? I changed the oil after the accident, but shouldn't the small amount of dirt get blown out?

thanks JED

Safety Glasses, Brake or contact cleaner, Air compresser, Blow nozzle. Blow out the crud first, Then spray the cleaner and blow out again. After the plug is removed another shot of air down the center and up the weep hole before reinstalling the plug. I like to use Silicon spray on the plug which may help it from corroding and some in the hole to keep crud from sticking.I sprays on wet then dries in seconds.

thanks for reply for Victor.

What kind of damage am I looking at if dirt got down onto the pistol top, etc. I'm thinking worst case here. And what can I do now to get all of it out, if that is possible without taking the head apart. Thanks JED

A little dirt should just blow out your exhaust. Now that you know how to handle it and it won't happen again, I wouldn't sweat it.

A little shouldn't hurt, but you could probably dump raw gas down the plug hole, and kick it hard. The gas should have taken and dissolved the really fine stuff, and should allow the rest of the dirt to float around in the gas and blow out with it.

I don't think this would cause any extra harm.

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