help identify these triple clamps

These are for a KX250, but id like to positively identify them before buying. I cant find any info on them on the net, just bars, handgaurds grips ect. No listing for any Factory 909's for triple clamps. Heres a pic,


Label on the box says, RG MT T-KIT KX250


Owner says they are too big for his 96, so should I simply measure mine and get him to measure the ID of these? own a 00'.

Also any comments on these clamps performance/quality wise is appreciated.


If I'm not mistaken factory 909 is a product of FMF. I don't know any other details on the product, sorry.

It is FMF related. I don't think they made any in the past few years, so the possible years would be limited. '99 - '01 KX125 / KX250 clamps do have a larger diameter hole for the larger diameter tubes. 2002 and newer are also larger still, so you might want to try to get him to measure them.

2003 and newer KX250 clamps have a different way of mounting the different style front numberplate, so it is not the 2003 and newer style.

Thanks for the info. I found an email for fmf and have sent some info. With any luck I might hear something back :thumbsup:

KDX do you happen to know the sizes for 02? Mine measure 55mm.

is it just me or do they look kinda small to be for a 125 or 250?

I have a new set of Pro Taper 2002 KX125 / KX250 clamps around here, somewhere (long story). If I can find my calipers (same long story), I can get a measurement for you. If that fails, I know no1clyde has a 2002 KX250, so he might be able to help.

If you look around on the internet, you can see a picture of 2003+ clamps and how the numberplate mounting hole points down instead of straight back like on the 2002 on back to 1986 (or later??).

If those clamps fall through, you might want to look on eBay for an upper clamp from Renthal. I have a '99 - '01 upper clamp from Renthal (not for sale), and it appears to be very well-made and looks very pretty. :thumbsup: (better than a few different brands I have, anyway)

I don't have time right now but will try to measure them in the morning.


My 99-01s measure 55mm and the 02s measure 56mm.


Thank you for measuring, no1clyde!

Universal is still blowing out their clamps on Ebay, I just bought 2 sets of top clamps for $40 each, they have a complete setup for your bike, check it out . . .

Or they have just the top clamp if thats what you are looking for . . . .

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