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Picked up a used DR this week

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Well I picked up the 2005 DR650 I posted about earlier this week.

I had a 2004 Yamaha Banshee (which he wanted for his wife) and we just made and even trade. Yes he was a member on here.

I bought the bike from "elevatorjunky" and you can see some of the info and pics of it in his garage.

I'll have to post some new pics when I get my computer back online (on someone else's at the moment),

but here's the mods the bike has on it:

J&E High comp. piston

Staintune full system

opened air box,k&n


IMS tank

Billet triple clamp

fork brace & guard

Gold valve shock system

Fork emulators

front springs

rear spring

acerbis hand guards

moose skid plate

mud flap removed, drz250 tail light

Ims footpegs

oem gel seat

Renthal fat bars

moose shifter

custom steering stabilizer mount (he kept the stabilizer for another bike, so I gotta go buy one)

Dunlop D606 F&R

steel brake lines

Couple things I want to add as soon as possible are the steering stabilizer and Trailtech Vapor Computer with the indicator dashboard.

Other than that, can't think of anything else I wanna do to it,

except maybe get some supermoto wheels/tires to swap out on occassion. :thumbsup:

The guy I bought it from weighed at 150lbs and I weigh 145, so the suspension is set up almost perfectly for me.

Probably has over 10K on it, but seems to run great.

Here's an OLD pic from his garage...

Doesn't have all of the most recent mods in the pic, but I'll get some updated ones when I get a chance!


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Hey cool bike!Maybe ask the moderators if they can give you my garage.

ha... the thought occurred to me, but figured they'd have to get your permission.

Oh and I also just realized, that you still have a brass key on that ring that I need. But I have a second key for the banshee I forgot to give you too.

Guess we'll have to meet up sometime to swap some of those little extras we forgot huh? :thumbsup:

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Nice. You got a good deal. Make sure you ride that sucker.

As much as I can... already put about 50 miles on it... :thumbsup:

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