Fork Diameter?

47mm ....? or is it 46mm.... its one of those for sure.

46 mm I think. Book says Inner Tube outer Dia 46 mm. Either way he needs the bigger ones.

Ahhh! Thanks guys, very appreciated! I'm gonna order these up first thing in the morning.

Anyone here try these fork covers? Here's the description;



These neoprene "wetsuit" type covers are a waterproof sleeve which covers the entire fork tube, thus not allowing mud, dirt or sand to penetrate through to the fork tube or fork seals, eliminating fork seal failure. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the SRC Fork Brace, or without, on conventional or inverted forks. Available in two sizes: 28-35 mm. fork diameter and 39-50 mm. fork diameter.

yep I have them. what I was told on here was to get the long ones and cut them in half. Then you have two sets.

Thats what I did.

Where did you get yours from? Do you like 'em?

Long ones? When ordering from XRs only, you can only choose between two fork diameters. Does not mention length.

Check out They make two lengths, several colors, and several diamters.

For the 250Fs get 1 3/4 inch diameters. $22.95 + S/H.

I agree, get the long ones and cut them in half.

sealsavers are the ones I have. all I hear are great things about them

Ahh [censored]! I placed my order yesterday with XRs Only.

Damn, these other ones look great. And they're cheaper too.

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