13/44 - Any SM owners run it w/ dirt wheels?

I bought an SM, and now have dirt wheels. But I don't want to have to mess w/ chain length when going to the dirt wheels.

So I'm thinking I could buy a 44 for the rear and run a 13 up front and have E gearing (14/47).

Anybody know if this setup works w/ 110 link chain?

Yes, it works.

Yes, it works very well. Just keep an eye on your front chain buffer (slider) to make sure it doesn't wear through with the smaller sprocket up front.

I did 13/44 dirt and 16/41 street with the same 110 link chain.

PS - You can easily do 14/44 and even squeek on 15/44 with the 110 link.

Yeah, works really good. I use 13/44 for woods rides, and 14/44 for dual sport stuff. Just did over 800 miles in Death Valley with 14/44, worked perfect. 13/44 is a little buzzy on the highway, but doable for short spurts.

I also use 16/41 or 15/41 (depending on ride) for SM trim. All with the same stock SM chain.

I just found out though, that I can't do 15/44 with my new rear tire, it's too grande.

I put a set of 18/21 wheels on, and thought I could use 14/44 (3.1428 ratio) gearing and keep the same chain. The added wheel diameter made it slow to accelerate, and I had to slip the clutch constantly.

The wheels came with a 51 tooth sprocket and I thought I'd try 15/51 (3.4 ratio) just for giggles. I had to add a spacer between the rear chain guide and the swingarm (a slightly difficult fabrication) because the 51 was causing the chain to rub.

However, the results were quite good - it ripped in the woods, lifting the front easily, and would run 65 on the highway at about 8.5k RPM (according to my Vapor). So, not ideal on the highway, but for short stints, it's OK.

Thanks guys - I'm going to keep the 44 on 18" and keep my 41 on my 17". That way I'll just swap out the CS for my changes. Now to track down stock SM rotors.

Ive got the same set up please try the stock set up on the enduro wheels 15/38 its the best combination imho it works superb

Seems like that'd be very tall for the tight woods I'd be riding, especially considering my off-road experience (none).

The stock sprocket set up on your SM is that so give it a try it will cost you nothing,

ive tried 14/44




but cant be arsed to change the chain when i fancy a swop of wheels,

and I find the stock size to be the best on both wheels especially if you have to ride to the trail the taller gearing lets me get there quicker without wringing the drzs neck!!

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