Wide Desert Handlebars

I'm looking for some wider "Desert Style" handlebars. It looks like Renthal makes some called Enduro High about 33" wide. Anyone know who might handle these or another quality type the same width?

Hey Cubfan,

If you're looking at the Renthal 7/8" bars, there is what used to be called the "Desert/Vintage" bend which is part number 666-02 on the Renthal website. Tall, wide and fairly swept back. I used to use these on my old 92' CR500 when I first started racing desert. The other bend you mentioned is NOT available in the USA.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

Not sure if you'd want to go through this trouble or not, but, I bought a downhill mtn bike from a guy that was about 6'4". His dad was a machinist and turned some round stock so that it could be pressed into the ends of the bar. I liked the wider feel of them, since they were more like the moto-x bars I'm used to and not the narrower mtn bike bars. Anyway, I ran them for a couple of seasons with no issue. Before selling the bike I tried to get them out and they wouldn't budge. I'm thinking they were made to a really tight tolerance and then pressed and possibly glued in. I was curious to see how far they were stuck in but never could tell. I'm sure it could be done in a relatively safe way, but it's not something I'd do in my own garage, ha,ha.

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