MSR Dominator Bars for for 250F ?

I have a 02 250F purchased used about 6 months ago. It came with MSR Dominator bars. When riding they feel very low to me, so low I don't feel like standing up much. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they low or is it me? Most people say the bars make a big difference.. any suggestions? I am 5'9 and play ride mostly trails. Thanks.

I'm 5'10" and run Pro-Tapers and highly recomend them.

I'm 5'10" and run Pro-Tapers and highly recomend them. It can be a big differance with differant bars. For me it meant arm pump or no arm pump, bending bars or not bending bars. I think you get teh idea. But there are people out there that won't even touch pro-taper but i love them.

They are probably a CR low bend bar. The most popular bends for aftermarket bars are CR high and low bends.

I had some and did not like them (too low), furthermore they got bent real easy. I thought had gotten a deal (true dealer cost) on high quality aluminum bars, but I would not buy them again.

I am not familar with those bars. they may be good bars, just not your bend. Most bar makers have diffrent bends and maybe yours are just a low bend.

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