New 2004 XR250R with factory warranty?

I have been looking for a clean, newer XR250 and found a dealer that has new ones in the crate. They want $4600 with a warranty. What do y'all think about that deal? I know it's up around the price of a good used modern bike but I don't need the performance & really don't want the radiators. I just want a reliable low maintenance mountain goat for the rocky, technical Moab 4WD trails & singletrack that I don't want to try on my DR350. Thanks.

imo way to much money

But it's brand new....with a warranty.

Still, that's a lot of money. You could get a used one that has been taken care of for half the price. IMO, these things are so tough, the fact that it's new doesn't mean much. Even a used one will last you forever if you take care of it.

If it were me (and it was a few months ago) I would look around for a very, very clean used XR. You could almost buy two used ones for the price of the new one. I would almost guarantee you could find a used one in near perfect condition if you be patient.

I have owned both the 250 (new) and the 400 (used) and they were virtually the same even though one was brand new and the other was 5 years old.

Look around for a XR250 or XR400.

Good luck in your search.

Great Bike but the dollar amount rip off

Brand new 2004 XR250's are still availabe in the Northwest for $3900 out the door, if you call around and look hard enough.

See if the price gets better when there is snow on the ground!

For a 90 day warranty, I wouldn't spend 2000+ over blue book for the bike. It's an xr for gosh sakes. You shouldn't have problems for at least 10+ years

Why do you need a warrantee? Get a used one. My friend has a low hour '03 and he paid $2k for his. I mean low hours like 10 hours. Might be nice buy for a collector. For a bike to ride get a used one. This way you do not feel bad giving it a beat down. Think of it this that much money for the crated one...ride it a year and all you'll get for it is $2500. Big loss.

Too much money. Just go buy a used '03 or '04 model for around $1800 to $2300.

There are lots of nice barely-used XR's out there with real low mileage/hours. The good thing about XR's are that people don't generally buy them to race, and a lot of people buy them as a starter bike or fun/hobby bike and realize after their purchase that they don't have the time or desire to ride, or they just flat out get scared from a few rides, or realize that riding dirtbikes just isn't their cup of tea... then they sell the bike with almost no use on it for half or what they bought it for a few years later.

I got my '03 2 months ago with around 10-15 hours on it in mint condition for $2K including a brand new helmet and all the paperwork for the bike.

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