anyone here know if complete wheels from a 2004 rmz250 would fit on a 2007 rmz250? thanks

Not sure about the front, but I know the rear will not, I almost had a great deal on some RAD mfg hubs with excel rims that came from an 07...tried to put the rear on first and it was to wide for my 05. Tried everything, then measured...the 07 hub is about 1/4 inch wider.

i found a good deal on a set, thats why i asked. thanks for the info.

I hear ya...it really blows when you find a good deal on something and it wont fit what you have. The hubs and rims a got ahold of were worth about 700 bucks, and a buddy of mine just gave them to me because he sold his RMZ and bought a WZF.

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