Engine temperature

I just installed a Trail Tech Vector Computer on my CRF 450R (all stock). It has a function to warn of high engine temperatures. It has a sensor spliced into the radiator water line.

It has 2 warning indicators you can program. Dose anyone know what would be considered (High Temperature warning) & (Danger temperature warning)

Also what is the normal temperature range for this bike?


just a guess on that bike but ill say 180 for average water temp?

I have my warning set at 210, and my danger set at 220. Although i've never seen my bike above 170, a 450 may be different.

Conventional coolants containing water boil (vaporize) around 225ºF near sea level. Cooling systems are pressurized to raise the average coolant boiling point, to around 250ºF

Let's see at sea level, water boils at 212 degrees, 50/50 antifreeze boils at 220, and under a 15 psi rad cap, it'll boil at about 250 degrees.

So like Coadstr68 suggested, getting a warning at 210 and a danger sign at 220 is not a bad idea.

Although I personally would pick 205 for the first warning.

Makes sense :moon:

Thanks :thumbsup:

The "High" warning at 210 is probably about right. The "danger" at 220 is too low. In tight nasty trail riding, for example, many bikes run right on the verge of boiling, sometimes even losing a little bit of water, with no damage. I would go more towards 240 or so for the danger warning, as it seems to me that the "danger" alert should be to warn of imminent boil-over.

I'd say you set the danger where if you don't stop you could hurt the motor.

For that 260 if your running engine ice or similar coolant.

For a warning I say 220.

It's just my opinion, and what I see on modern vehicles.

Make sure in the line coming out of the engine not into it.

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