No video, no riding

Well this weekend was a bust, I was going to do some riding upnorth with the studded tires. And even get some video...

Unfortunately the bike wouldn't start. I guess it was too cold and the battery may have been low. So I charged the battery with a trikle charger, got it running, and found out it would die without being given throttle. So it wont idle.

My thoughts are to check the carb's idle jet, and the spark plug while I'm at it.

I guess I'll get some video another time, right now I think bed sounds good

Yep in the cold cold weather it takes awhile to get started sometimes...

Its just that whole not idleing thing which will have me opening the carb up tommorow. IF I have time :)

You guys are nuts! :)

I didn't go sledding today because I thought it was to cold, never mind riding! :D

it was -25 when we got up there. (near algonquin park sorta)

it warmed up to about -13, -10 around there.

When I got home it was -6. Me and my budy went to get a movie at the movie store. I went in my t-shirt because it felt so warm out :)

You guys are so lucky.

It's 37 degrees celcius here today and it seems like the whole country is on fire.

Roll on winter !!!

Mike. :)

Good trick I've used a few times for startin the bike up in real cold temps (5 F this mornin) is to heat the carb up for a few minutes with a blow-drier or high wattage light. After about 5 minutes of heating up the carb she starts right away with just choke on (and maybe a twist) and stays running. Of course that doesn't help much on the trail...unless you pack the carb in those hand warmer packets. :)

Problem solved.

Something must have been dirty and cleaned itself. After taking a 15 minute ride, keeping the rpm's off bottom so it wouldn't stall while off the gas, the bike seems to idle great now. I'll asume either the pilot jet cleaned itself out, or the spark plug burned itself clean.

:) 4 strokes are great :D

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