Picked up a 2003 YZ125

Found a guy selling his 2003 YZ125 down the road from me. Bikes here in Ohio haven't really gotten to the point of dirt cheap yet, but I think I got a good price on this one. Talked him down to 1K. Bike is in great condition, only needed a top end. The crank and main bearings were JUST replaced, it has zero ride time on it. He didn't feel like investing more cash into the bike, he tried to get it running again with the old top end and gaskets, but it would not fire.

I just got done stripping the bike to the frame and tearing into the top end. Looks like they used a Wiseco crank kit on it. Piston in it was a stocker (I think .. one ring design, no blow by). I ordered a new Wiseco pro lite kit (including bearing), gaskets and a few other things for it. Going to do a good cleanup and change fluids in forks and shock. Crosshatching on the cylinder is great as well!

Came with a PC pipe and silencer. It's a diamond in the rough!

Here are a few pics of the teardown :









There's alot of yz projects going on Im even doing one they are easy and lots of fun.

good luck!

Wow 1k!!

I'm trying to save up for one as well, but rebuilding the head on my crf250r is costing me tons!

Wow 1k!!

I'm trying to save up for one as well, but rebuilding the head on my crf250r is costing me tons!

I went to visit the 4 stroke side of life awhile back and switched back to my two strokes. My top end kit (piston, rings, wristpin bearing and gaskets was $126). I just love 2 strokes .. just something about em. :thumbsup: I tore down everything in about 2 hours total. I think I have done this process one too many times with the CR250 sitting off to the side.

Good luck with the build, man! Top ends are cake compared to four-strokes, just need a gasket kit and a couple hours!

Wow great deal!!!!

Keep us posted with the updates!!!!

You'll love the bike once you get it running again. I love my 02 yz125!

Honestly, it's not really for me. I bought it and will keep it, but it is kind of for a friend to ride (he is 13 now and his parents don't have the cash right now to buy him a bike).

I will ride it here and there, but I have my CR250 in the corner that is freshly rebuilt as well. That thing rips your arms off.

Ohhhh man can't believe how cheap are bikes in USA. At may place if I want to buy something similar I won't get it under 2000€ :moon:

Good luck at rebuilding :thumbsup:

I'll share my plans for the bike.

The top end will complete the motor. A local dealer installed a new crank and bearings for the previous owner. He could not get it running again (I think I saw the issue .. one wire). I decided to just start fresh.

Starting tomorrow (going out tonight) I will be stripping down the rest of the frame and giving it a good cleaning and then sanding. After that, all bearings will be checked and greased (replaced if needed). Forks will be disassembled to make sure they are sound (seals are leaking right now, so those are getting replaced). I will then service the shock. The wheels need to be tightened up and brought back to true. After that, it's just reassembly. I should have everything ready to reassemble this week.

I am going to re-paint the frame this week if I can get to it. My uncle has painted autos for years and has every piece of equipment I need to do so.

I will eventually replace the shrouds, as they are cracked, but they look fine for right now.

This bike is going to look and run good!!!!

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