Supermoto at Infineon this weekend. Nov 15-16

Not sure if I have the time, but I'd like to check it out.

The kart track seems kind of tight and narrow to me.

Infineon Raceway will step in as a last-minute replacement to host the upcoming XTRM AMA Supermoto Championship, presented by Parts Unlimited season finale, Nov. 14-16.

The season finale was originally scheduled for Austin, Texas, but had to be moved because of complications. The weekend event will now take place at the Infineon Raceway Kart Center, which boasts a state-of-the-art track.

Infineon Raceway is no stranger to two-wheel racing, having hosted AMA road racing events on its traditional 12-turn road course since 1977. The facility has also hosted Supermoto USA events during its AMA weekend since 2006. This will mark its first time hosting the AMA Supermoto Championship.

Australia's Troy Herfoss takes an eight-point lead into the season finale in the Supermoto Premier class over Ohio's Mark Burkhart (95-87). Michigan's Chris Fillmore is third with 78 points. Petaluma resident Tyler O'Hara sits ninth entering the final weekend.

I was all jazzed then I had seen

it was the Cart Track. Kind of iffy now.

I'll be there with a bunch of friends. I was there at the last supermoto race a few months back when they had the superbike weekend.

They haul ass around that kart track, I'd say near 100mph down the straight. Ossi they also have a decent dirt section with jumps and whoops. It's fun to watch.

Only $15 to get in!

I'm going. :thumbsup:

I am riding my bike over.

You see a guy with long

whit hair say hi!

I went to the AMA event at Sears Point either last year, or the year before.

I thought the SuperMoto action was the best racing of the day. And I'm not really a supermoto guy.

I'll be there too.

Look for the old guy with a Hangtown hat.


You see a guy with long

whit hair say hi!

There was SOOOOOOOOO many Silver hairs there I thought I was at a retirement home!:thumbsup::moon: :moon:

Looked for you but no luck.


I think I saw you but didn't see your pic until I got home.

I'll post some pics later.

I saw a lot of MCMA club members. No TT people.

Fun watching the races. :thumbsup:

I was disappointed at how few flagmen were at the corners and how ineffective they were.

No "pull over flags" at all.

Lappers played into the races way to many times.

There was SOOOOOOOOO many Silver hairs there I thought I was at a retirement home!:thumbsup::moon: :moon:

Looked for you but no luck.


I think I saw you but didn't see your pic until I got home.

I'll post some pics later.

Marin is a big retirement home.


























What a day!

I can get in 60 miles of back road wine country twisties

on the way and I did. I found this guy down by himself

at 128 & 121. Faced blurred to protect that fact he is a tool.

I was able to keep him from getting ran over while a guy

in a truck and another guy on a bike quickly came to help me too.

I was here for a half hour or so. Was not late for the race:thumbsup:



You guys did not see this mug?


Great races at a better price! Thanks AMA Supermoto for a great show. When I left I walked past the Grave's Yamaha

Pit area and was lucky enough to hear Mark tell his crew about the crash. I have never seen such a laid back as well as causal event. Pits wide open as well as no real crowds made for a great day!




The AFM road races at Sears Point are the same way. You can walk in the pits and go anywhere. I drove my Suburban around the outside of track to watch from various location. You can't do that at the big races.

I'll be back next year.

And I did see you at the races.

I didn't see anyone I recognized but we all had a good time.

That Burkhart crash was crazy, I can't believe he battled in the top 3 that whole race, only to eventually take 1st then go over the bars on the last lap.

He was shanking his fist at a lapper earlier.

I'd say the two lappers had a lot to do with his crash.

The track was way understaffed for corner / jump flaggers.

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