we tracks

I am wondering if the local tracks will be to muddy to ride tomorrow,what do you guys think

Deffinetly, unless they steam rolled(doubt they did). If they steam rolled it might be good, but it might be way too muddy even if they did steam roll. We'll see how much rain comes tonight. On the way home tonight i heard a high 46 tomorrow, that calls for a cold, muddy, ride which doesnt sound like much fun. I'd stay at home an ride when its nice out.

next week is sun tuesday - sunday....thats when ill be going...tomorrow is completely out of the question for me...

I might be heading to the Landing MX tomorrow...we shall see...

Not sure how they do in the mud though??

I might be heading to the Landing MX tomorrow...we shall see...

Not sure how they do in the mud though??

Possible steam roll but i cant be 100% on that.

Possible steam roll but i cant be 100% on that.

Steam roll???

They take a steam roller and steam roll the hole track..like a highway steam roller. So then its ROCK hard an the water just runs off of it. Then they till it up an if need be they put some water on it. This way its not muddy at all.

I know most tracks do it for races if big rains come before the weekends, but im not sure if they would do it for an open ride day. Also, they have to steam roll it before the rain comes. So if they didnt steam roll before the rain, they won't steam roll it now.

steam roll? personally i've never seen any track around here do that...not sayin it never has been...just sayin...lol....BD wont be open 2morrow...i'd be really surprised if it was....i know the Landing sux just as much in the mud...IMO....

They do it up doublin gap all the time. They did it October 26th for the triple crown shootout because it absolutley poured an the track crew steam rolled it an had to cancel the 3 moto format an made it into 2 moto format...i know my stuff buddy...

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