shifting from 2nd gear to 1st problem

this has been goin on since ive had the bike but i havent ever seen any metal in the oil to indicate part failure. anyways, if im on a hill i usually hit in 2nd gear and make it in that gear but sometimes i have to down shift and unless the clutch is all the way in i usually end up in nuetral. its annoying ecspecially if im in a race and get stuck on a hill. anything i should be looking at?


Do you have an issue with downshifting to first any other time? Does the tranny "clunk" when shifting into first? If so, I would guess a bent shift fork. If this is the only situation where it occurs, it's probably more of a technique issue.

it doesnt clunk but it will happen every once in a while if im trying to go from 1st to 2nd, maybe 1 time out of 20. never when im trying to find nuetral of course.

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