I did the search thing and didn't see what I needed. I really don't need to go 85-95 mph or whatever top speed is. Which is the better way to gear down; 1 down on countershaft or 3 up on the rear? I realize it's a wash, but do you run into problems with swingarm wear due to smaller front sprocket and is a 51 rear readily available?

It depends on what year bike and what gearing you have now. 14/48 is stock for the early '90s and later 600s and it works pretty well in most situations. I was able to do 97mph with it, too.

That's my point exactly. I have a '96 XR600R and really have no need to go 90+. A quick search of various vendors did not show the 51 available. Are we limited to going down 1 tooth on the front?

Sprocket Specialists lists a range of 38-74 teeth for their XR600 rear sprockets.....

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