urgent!!! help wanted, please, getting to piston.

i am down to theese 2 bolts were the cam chain cut out is, they are 2 allen key bolts done up wayyyyyy to tight althought the one on the right looks stripped, it is still ok-ish just the top of it looks a bit:thumbsdn: it is a 6mm allen key bolt holding the valve section to the bottom bit?

what should i do as the rings need to be replaced


any help much appreciated:thumbsup:

Those are the head bolts (27 ft-lbs IIRC), you can use a regular socket on them too. There are 2 other head bolts on the other side of the cylinder that you'll have to remove to get the head off.

The other 2 head bolts are on the outside of the cylinder on the kickstart side, see picture below - make sure you drain the oil and coolant before removing the head to mess with the piston:


If they are frozen, you may need to use an air gun to break them loose. Also, use a socket as AV stated, Allen wrenches have too much flex, esp. when torquing it back together.

14mm socket will take those out sir. They are long bolts that go all the way from your Cylinder head, through your cylinder, and into the cases. Holds the whole top end together. This is IMPORTANT... Remove the 3 small bolts on the left side of the cylinder and cylinder head BEFORE you loosen those long bolts.

if i remeber correctly, there is some small washer type deals on the bolts as well.

And you need to pull the bolts off for the head to clear the frame.


And as someone stated there are a total of 4 like that that require socket.

Id be carefull using a air gun. I rather use a long breaker bar so i can feel it. Air gun can snap things. Especially if u accidently have it set to tighten istead of loosen.

i felt liek an absolute ideot after seeing the socket fitting on the outside of the bolt,owell ig uess it happens, sorry to waste your time, angine is nearly back together after i i looked at my own picture and realized it, so new rings are on

thanbks for your help:thumbsup:

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