Re: McGrath retirement!

Did anyone else read where McGrath stated he had never been injured like he had this season (hip dislocation)? He stated that it affected his concentration too much and he wasnt willing to let it hang out! He has and will always be one of my heroes, but I found those comments disturbing. I once broke all of my ribs on 1 side and my left femur. It didnt stop me from riding. I think it is amazing he never suffered more injury than he did. Not to slam him I was just shocked. Maybe he will take time to overcome the fear! He did state that he would race a local race occasionally.

I heard he laid on the ground for what seemed like forever after he crashed and decided that this isn't worth it anymore . Then just never got his head back in it after he started riding again . Just rumors or misqotes dont hold anything I say to gospel. I will miss him this year . Damn I wanted to see him ride the KTM and beat RC's ass this year in Minneappolis . I hope I can get his Autograph this year . He truley is Motorcross and everything that is good about it . God bless him and his family . I someday hope to see a little MC doing the nac nac in a supercross someday. :)

That was all in the article I read! I wanted him to beat RC too but all good things come to an end. RC's wont last as long as Jeremy's did.

Well, remember what caused Kevin Windham to bow out for a while. He took a spill and broke a leg, then got scared and couldnt get back in the game. It happens I guess. McGrath is getting older and wiser and they start to think about things like that. I too wanted to see him beat Rc into the ground.

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