04 and 05 kx 250 difference?

I have an opportunity to buy one of these bikes. They are both about the same price, give or take a few dollars. Were there major differences between the two? Any advise would be great. My last kx was a 1982 kx 125. I currently own a 06 cr 125 that I'm very happy with, I just want to add another toy to my collection.


Yes, they are very different. Go for the 2005 for sure. Awesome motor, great handling, twin chamber forks.

The engine is all new for '05. They are very different bikes. If they are the sam price, get the '05.

You can look at the spec sheets on the Kawasaki site.

There were a ton of changes from the '03/'04 M series to the '05 - '07 R series.

if the 05 is at the same price of 04..

...be carefull, the 05 could be hard used...


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