Trail Tech speedometer

Iam looking on the trail tech website but i cant seem to find the ones that fit the KLX450 08 model

Would anyone here know what one i need Iam currently looking at this

I like the look will i be able to just swap the OEM 1 out and plug that in and go ?

or is there anything else i need to do

I dont know if it will work but it look like it has the same plug as the OEM 1


What you are looking at in that link is just the Indicator Dash, you would have to buy the Vapor/Vector Computer in addition to the Dash. That's why it's only $40.

I tried plugging in the stock pick up sensor to an aftermarket computer, it didn't work. Not sure why but the stock sensor has 3 wires instead of the aftermarket 2. Also the wiring plug (which doesn't look the same to me) on the Dash plugs into things like high beam/indicators etc. which is more of a Dual Sport Set-up and I doubt the KLX has any of those connections/connectors and even if it did then they wouldn't be compatible with the TrailTech Dash.

But eh I could be wrong.

I have the Vapor on mine. Its a bit of work to set it all up but well worth it. Heaps better than the stock one. Where in OZ are you ?


Did you get your vapor kit in AU or straight from the USA?

I just did a search again on TT as i remember seeing a post of what number the kit is and its this kit.

If you can tell me where at in AU you ordered it id greatly appericate it and ill be able to order it tomorow

Also let me know if thats the kit you have


I also just noticed what do i do with my key ignition ? as i need that i use the estart ans stuff?

i just ordered a vapor computer directly from

tach is one of the many features including coolant temp.

$129.00 bucks u.s. the fit kit is #75-300 for the klx 450r

The 75-300 is the one i got. i also got the dash which clips on top. Got it from TT. If you need help with it let me know , done a few now. The lights will plug straight into the new dash but everything else needs new wires.

Also you don't need to touch the ignition circuit.

yah i think i need some help with this as i have no idea what to order so i can still use my key ignition

What parts exactly will i need to still use everything now ? light indicators and such ? and key ignition

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