Pictures of todays ride with Fryboy&Tim Martin

Had a blast today up at sugar pine!!! Some nice dirt a little snow and 55 degree sunny weather. Lots of fallen trees.

I did my official USFS sound test today...and PASSED!!!!

White Bros E series Promeg 10 disks and quiet core. 96.7 DB. With new packing it will be lower!!!! Tims stock pipe came in at 87db! Fryboys WR with TTR baffle was 93db. Im stoked! The quiet core didnt choke the exhaust one bit.

So heres the pics......


COLD water crossing

Tim Rippin up the snow


What the??

Dam tree!

Looks like you guys had a blast! Quit core really works! thank goodness, I wasn't looking foreware to buying another pipe.

I would like to thank Cisco for the pics as well as a sunday well spent. Im sure my back and legs are stronger from picking up the bike so much. I dont think i need to make the post saying that mud/snow/slop and MT21's = slip and sliding :) Albiet i think the bike was laying down more then it was upright i had a blast riding with some very freindly people

cool pics, looks like you guys had a good ride.

I would have been eating sh!t on my deathwings in the melted muck for sure... :)

man that looks fun!great pics thanks! :)

Looks like fun. I want to do some snow riding this year.

nic pics, looks like you guys had a good time.....-jamie

nice pictures, I've had fallen trees like that many times. Its a pain in the back especially after you've been riding for a bit. However it gives variety to the ride so can't complain :)

Zac and Tim,

It was nice riding with you guys. Tim, get some new tires and new handlebars my friend, and get ahold of us when you are ready to hit it again.

Cisco and Donna, thanks again for the hospitality. Any of you guys that get a chance to ride this area take it! Cisco is a great guide and has the ultimate staging area. Him and his wife are great hosts and good cooks too. (sounds like a commercial for a bike and breakfast) :)

A business plan perhaps :D

Great ride, great people, great food, and caught the end of a great game. Life is good.


P.S. Those pictures don't do Foresthill justice. We wanted to take more pictures but sorry guys, we just couldn't stop riding long enough to do so.

Awesome... looks like you doods had a good time and I'm sorry I missed it. My XR 400 buddies from S.F. voted to go to Stoneyford. I'll definately have to hook up with you guys soon.

By the way, the soundchecks are real (at Stonyford anyways). We got stopped while unloading the bikes by the local Ranger and took us about an hour to get through the mess. They were actually cool and gave my buds warnings, but said the new 96 decibel rule is definately in force.

The two XR 400s w/aftermarket exhaust blew at 97 and 100 decibels. My DRZ-S (stock exhaust) blew at 86 decibels. If you go to Stoneyford, be prepared for a check as they will not be giving warnings come February.

The riding was great however... one of my favorite riding areas in Northern California.

If you go to Stoneyford, be prepared for a check as they will not be giving warnings come February

And when I say why I HATE riding stoneyford becuase the rangers are friggin jerks people say NO WAY. HA they are as bad as the SO-CAL rangers. Every time I rode there I was harassed. I am the most compliant guy in the place!

Fryboy.... anytime man the BBQ's ready to burn and beers on ice :)

It looks like you all had a blast. Would any of you NorCal folks be willing to take an old, slow Newbie out and show him around?


Would any of you NorCal folks be willing to take an old, slow Newbie out and show him around?

Sure! Next time we go I'll let you know. :)

Hey CISCO, that sounds great. :) Thanks.

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