Need Advice, in the market to buy.

Hey guys, I am currently racing a 2008 kxf 450 and I love the bike but man that thing does not turn well, I had the suspension set up for me and new linkage arm but still not to happy. I am racing A class right now so I have become really picky on my bikes. I have the option to get a good deal on a left over 2008 rmz-450 with the update motor or just get a 2009 kxf 450, what do you guys think I should do and why? Thanks!!

If you don't like how your 08 KX turns then you won't like the 09 the one I rode felt very similar. Find a Suzuki to ride if you can. My 08 RM-Z450 turns rediculously well.

if you are racing the suzuki is a good deal but dont forget about contingency money you will not get it with the left over 08

Yeah actually you can get contingency money for the whole 09 season with an 08. Check your facts.

You can get Suzuki contingency for 09 BUT Kawasaki pays 2 classes while Suzuki only pays one. I may be in the market to upgrade my 06 RMZ450 and the Kawasaki contingency is looking pretty good.

yea that is what I was thinking but at the same turn im wanting to try to qualify for Lorretas and do Pro ams to get my feet wet, so I would Imagine Suzuki will have contigency their, are they pretty reliable? I know that is why I loved my kxf 450 over my kxf 250, I never touched the thing all year, and I blew my 250 up twice since I had it.

If the turning is the only thing you don't like about your bike, have you tried the RG3 triple clamps on your Kawi? I noticed on RG3's web site they come stock with the 24 mm offset. They recommend a 20 mm offset. My buddy had the same complaint with his Honda. The new offset made it turn so much better.

I did put on the Tag i think 22mm offset, and it helped a bit but too much, I rode a 2006 RMZ 450 a month or so ago and I felt that it turned perfect for only being stock, so I just more or less know the descion I am gunna make just hard to change cuz all I have ever rode was Kawasaki

I also changed my offset on my 07 Kawi the RG3,s are a great prouduct but the bike does not come close in the turning department to the stock 08 Zook

Yea I think its official I am gunna buy my a zook, either gunna wait for an 09 or see if I can find a screamin deal on a 08 so well c

I have always raced Honda's. Had a 09 Honda CRF450 on order. While I was waiting for my Honda to come in I got to spend a whole day test riding the 09 KX450, 09 Honda CRF 450 decided to buy the KX450. At the end of the day a friend asked if I wanted to try his new 08 RMZ450. The RMZ 450 had never even entered my mind ( never had a Suzuki and never wanted one) but I thought what the heck I here they turn good. Well to me the RMZ450 feels just like my Honda only it turns unreal - stays in ruts and rails the berms. I'm a Honda guy - guess what I have a new 08 RMZ in my garage. I did take the time to set up the suspension before I rode it and now have 3 rides on it. Very happy with this bike. This bike is much better then it is getting credit for in the mags. The improved corner speed I am getting will substantially improve my lap times. All the 09 450's are good you really need to test ride these machines if possible. I have always struggled in the corners with all of my Honda's which have had RG3 Triple Clamps and Factory Connection Suspension. I have tried several different combination's of everything you can imagine to improve my Honda's turning and it has all helped but the 08/09 RMZ450 STOCK out corners all of my previous Honda's and all of the other 09 450's I've ridden. Also I paid $2000 less than I was going to pay for the Honda so now I have that extra money to put into my RMZ if I need it. This decision however had nothing to do with the price of the bike as I had the money I just felt the Suzuki was overall the best bike and it also fit my riding style the best.

Hey 910, Joe P. how ya been bro?

let me know if you get a RMZ. I am thinking of going back to a 450. My CRF250r is a lot of fun and easy to manuver but now that I am healthy again I miss the 450 power. I been considering Honda and Suzuki for the same reasons as everyone here, cornering. As a vet it's where I can make most of my time without adding to the risk factor. After reading about the CRF I'm not sure it will handle as well as the past ones I have had. The RMZ rep is known as turning well....anyway let me know what you think if/when you get one. I may try to pick up a 08 of Kyles.

On a side note, not that anyone mentioned Yami's but None of my Yamaha's turned very well at all compared to the CRF's. I thought they were ok until I rode back to back with CRF's.

catch ya later

Hey Joe whats goin on?? Yea a 450 is just much more practical, their so easy to make competive, u can run a stock 450 with good suspension and defintaley run up front with it, I have heard good things about the Yamaha as well especially the reliablilty. I can get either a suzuki or a kawasaki at employee pricing for me so I will prolly try to get a suzuki, I have heard really no complaints about them, and how well they turn. Its gunna be weird riding a yellow bike thats for sure haha.

yep it will be weird , I've only seen you on green. You have ridden your Kawis really well. Just last night on the treadmill I watched the 2005 video and you were on the KX125 and I thought, "man Alex has come a long way, fast."

we'll see this spring what I am on. For me it comes down to how much I want to spend at this point. but if I make a switch to 450 it will be yellow or red. That is a down side is I only have 22.? hrs on my CRF250F since I missed most of 08 season and I have invested in pro-action suspension and Dr. D exhaust, red asv levers a bunch of devol hard parts, extra sprocket, I may end up riding it a little longer...anyway be sure to post on our site your likes and dislikes when you get one and stay in touch. braaaaaaaap.

Yea its crazy when I actually stop and think about just the first couple times of racing back in the day and all you guys racing, the funny thing is I am not even close to happy with how I am racing yet so I hope I go far haha, but yea thats what sux with putting all those extras in that bike cuz u cant ever get your money back, I would recommend putting it back to stock and selling the parts on ebay and trading it in stock. And most likley I want have enough money to get one until around feburary but I will let you ride it if were at the track sumtime

I've been a solid Honda guy since 04.

Yesterday i picked up a 08 RMZ for a steal and the thing rips. It would turn circles around my Honda and the motor is a lot stronger than i thought it would be.

Buy one you wont be disappointed.

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