cam bridge came loose??

I was out ridding the other day on my 2004 yz250f supermoto. After about 20 minutes I pulled off in an area and noticed smoke. There was oil all over the right side of the motor and bike. After getting a buddy to come pick me up I have found that the bridge came loose on the intake cam. It was raised up about 1/8" So the bridge pushed the valve cover up and caused a gap for the oil to shoot out. My question is what do you think would have gotten messed up as a result of that cam being so loose? The cam looks good, but when I re torqued everything all of the valves are now extremely tight. They were in spec a few weeks ago and have only put a few hours on bike since then. Do you guys think the valve springs stretched out since the cam wasn't tight. Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

I also just noticed when turning the motor over by hand it makes a bad click/pop noise right before it reaches top dead center.

Odds are the cam cap wasn't torqued right to start with. The valve springs wouldn't be affected by that happening, as the keepers under the buckets hold the springs down. The valves could be right for a couple reasons, either your cam journals wore from running loose and now the cam sits lower, the cam cap was loose when you checked the valves last so the cam lifted up a little when you stuck the feeler gage in, or the valves have just worn since the last time you checked. If the cam journals are worn you may need a new cam, and possibly may need the head repaired or replaced if it is damaged.

found out the pop noise is one of the intake valves sticking open and the piston hitting it and closing it

I'd say that with the bridge up, you lost oil pressure to the cam and that caused the journal to wear down. I'd get a new head.

and a new crank.

the crank pin and rod took non-noticable damage from the impacts. replace them now while it is cheap to do so.

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