wr250f vs. wr450f

i am at a crossroads between both of these bikes, i am not sure what to get and i could really use some help from someone who has owned wither of these bikes, and what mods would i need to do to get these bikes running top notch. thanks for all the help:ride:

How much do you weigh, what sort of riding do you do, ability level, long-time 4 stroke owner? Those questions along with others like "are you a smooth rider who carries speed through corners" or are you a "point and shoot" type will help TT members pick a great ride for you.

I like my 450, but I know that the 250 is a better fit for more people. The 450 is heavier, and even though the motor feels weak in stock restricted form, it isn't all that tough to handle. You can tweak it to get more power as you go along, and you get used to it. The 250 is never going to be a power house, but it will do everything that you need it to do. It's a good bit more nimble, more so due to less rotating weight in the motor than the 11 pounds less it weighs than the 450. The 250 will feel a lot slower than it actually is. I don't know if that makes much sense, but 250fs just feel slow, even when you are going fast. Most people will probably find that they aren't any faster on a 450 over the course of a day. The other big thing to consider would be motor life, in which case the 450 is heartier. A 250f always tries to squeeze every hp out of its small package, and the valves and piston are a reflection of that. 450s can blow up too if they aren't cared for, but they usually last a lot longer.

I had a crf450x and am know on a wr250f. I cant begin to tell you how much faster I am on the 250f, the corner speed nimbleness and outright fun factor have me sold on the 250. If you like going fast in a straight like get the 450 if you like technical riding and a bike that will make you a better rider get the 250. In terms of engine life its neither here nor there if you maintain the bike properly. My 2c worth.

I just made the switch from an '06 WR450F to an '08 WR250F about a month and a half ago. Why did I switch? The 450F is just too much bike where we ride here in Northeast Ohio. It could climb anything and had power enough to do anything you have enough balls to try. Unfortunately, it had TOO much power most of the time. If it was wet, the rear would spin. If it was dry, the rear would spin. If it was loamy, the front end wouldn't stay on the ground. It was top heavy, hated to turn, and even after Tom Smith of Coppersmith reworked the suspension and I added stiffer springs, it never felt right.

The 250F is so much easier to ride that it freaks me out. It has plenty of power once you get it unclogged, it's 30 lbs lighter, and with the aluminum frame, it really carries the weight much lower. I am running the stock springs right now and it feels so much more planted than the modified WR450 it is unbelievable. The 250F turns so much nicer and I just feel like the bike is working with me rather than against me.

After 30 miles with the WR450 I was ready to quit. With the 250F after 30 miles of tight muddy single-track, I am looking for more trail to ride. And it is really sweet when it gets up in the midrange and starts barking. Sure, it doesn't have the instant snap of the WR450, but how often do you really need that? The same snap is there with a stab on the clutch with the WR250.

I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the WR250F. I wish I would have bought it back in '05 instead of the WR450.

I spend 99% of my time on the 250F and when I think I want to make the switch full time to the 450F I take it out on a gnarly tight nasty and looong ride. Just once. Then I park it and ride the 250F for many months.

That said, and I can't believe it, but the 08 and 09 YZ450F doesn't tire me out that much compared the 250F as I am when going to the WR450F and back to the little bike. Obviously the weight diff between the yz and wr 450 helps tremendously; the YZ450F feels like a 250F with a big bore kit and it fits my riding style. I predict when the 2010 YZ is EFI I will be back to a 450 full time.

But when it comes to the WRF, the 250 is the bike for me!

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