"S" or "E" blown fuse

Can you bump start with a blown fuse? I used my back up today and if that blew too :) would I be SOL .

Isn't it just a regular car fuse? I'm pretty sure it is, go buy some of the same rating. no big deal. I belive without the fuse in the bike will have no spark or anything.

I'm planning on buying a few back-ups.

They are just ATC Buss fuses, 10 amp stock (for E any how) but I got a pack of 15's taped under the side cover just in case. Get em at auto-zone or something. :)

Of course if you are in a real tight pinch and know there is not a short somewhere I have used bubble gum wrapper in there. :D It won't start at all without the fuse etc.

on my first big get off i blew the fuse on my KLXS, it would not push start.

Good thing it came with a backup in the little black holder next to the orig.

I would have been SOL 20 miles from nothing and pushing...

The KLXS takes a 20amp.

Not even sure the kick start add on would have helped me... :)

the fuse has to good for the bike to start regardless.check your wirign harness where it goes past the steering head.they tend to get pinched there and cuases the fuse to blow.

i have several fuses taped in side my air filter door.just in case.

I have had that pinched wire problem, so check it out.

Also if you use the fuse, make sure you replace the extra one inthe holder with a good one.

I found out the hard way that the previous owner had used the extra fuse in mine and he put the blown one back in the holder. Luckily another rider had a fuse for me.

What is this "pinched wire problem" I want to know ahead of time in case my 'S' dies at some point. Thanks.

where the wiring harness passes the steer tube it can fall down and get pinched between the frame and steering stop.

Ahh, I get it. Thanks, I will keep an eye on it.

I had a little get off and the wires pulled off the front brake light switch. I inspected the wiring and all looked good I insalled th BU fuse and all was well, but was worring, what if there was still a short and the 2nd fuse blew. I'll carrie a few for now on.

A friend with a KTM was having a problem with blown fuses and it turns out that he pinched the wire from the start button with his tie down. Another place to look if the problem persists.

Out of curiosity, I just removed the fuse from my "E" and, with the key on, kickstarted it. Can't say if this would hold true for the "S" model.

I could be wrong, but I think the fuse on the S model is a size 20, not 10. Don't have bike with me to check, but it's yellow one at Radio Shack, if that helps...

Yes the "S" has a 20 amp fuse. I blew one at a race last weekend because the headlight plug got crushed in the steering lock (headlight was removed). I had no spare because I blew one before that and forgot to replace it. It took 2 hours to get going because I had to make a bypass out of a piece of metal. It was a pain in the a$$ but it got me to the finish line, deadlast though :)

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