Suspension Switch!?

Ok so I'll start out by saying i weigh around 210 pounds and my buddy is around 170 he recently has bought a 2000 yz426f and his springs are too stiff for him because the guy before him was heavier his suspension is full pro action now for my bike I have a 2002 yz250f stock springs forks and all my buddy proposed that we switch forks and springs so that it suits both of us better. 1. Will the suspensions be the same??? and 2. This is a good deal for me isn't it??

Thanks Guys

The forks on the 250F are shorter. They will fit in the clamps, but with 250F forks on a 426 the bottom clamp will hit in a different spot and the front tire will hit into the bottom of the front fender pretty hard when you bottom out, potentially damaging the fender and wheel. Personally I wouldn't do it, it is better to get your suspension set up for you. Just because it is pro action suspension doesn't mean anything, it is pro action suspension that is set for a different rider, as well as a different bike with a different chassis and weight.

yea i second that dont do it.

You and your buddy should get your bikes sprung for your weight. His valveing may be fine the way it is but not the spring weights. Race Tech, Factory Connection or Pro Action should bee able to tell you what springs you should have.

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