does anyone know anything on the dt400? how it was....how the motor was in on it

The motor was very trackable and sort of underpowered. That was even by the standard then. Torque was great. The bike was heavy. Durability was good. Suspension was horrible on the very old ones and just bad on the newer ones with a monoshock. There are things you cna do to the forks, but the old monoshocks are very expensive to deal with.

Obviously the bike can be hopped up. They were based on older YZ/IT designs. If you have a line on one get it! Keep it street legal. In my mind it would be far better than a 6000.00 dollar YZ250f dirt/street bike. If i could find oen in good shape and for a decent price, i would own one.

ya i was looking to get one to restore......they are low, heavy, and look like they would keep a lot of wait on the rear tire......be a fun bike to go out to the desert/sand with. and to ride on the street

i know a guy that i can get one...has a title and all.

I would strongly avoid the desert sand. my god, especially the sand. think flexy forks, heavy weight, and tires with just enough traction for a wheel barrow.

For light dirt work and street, its tough to beat. I remember gas mileage being pretty good. 100 miles per tank.....

the tires would get changes right away.....id probably do some work with the forks and tripple clamp

the tires would get changes right away.....id probably do some work with the forks and tripple clamp

how much $$ are you thinkin' of spending/what is he asking for the scoot?

like 500...i want it as a restore project

For 500 its a good deal, if you keep the machines limitations in mind. It would be fun as a full on restoration, for sure.

They are not great dirt bikes. Maybe ok for their day, but their day has long since past.

I would go for it. They haul, but the suspension is non existant. We have one and its a decent bike, just got it running again after sitting for 7 years outside.



I think 500 is pretty cool but cheaper is better. You could prob'ly find an even better deal. I've had things like that given to me when I just laid low for a while with my ears sticking out.

captain: that bike is pretty cool lookin'! The suspension on the back looks like it'd break your back when you ran over a golf ball though :yikes: I bet it doesn't do trials but I would love to add something like that to my garage for other types of riding :thumbsup: You must be happy to have it

The suspension was awful on the bikes back then. What was cool is the turning ability, or more accurately, cornering. Sitting so low had its advantages.

Enjoy the bike for what it is. Dont spend money making a bad suspension design good. Roll into a Harley meeting on a stock DT 400 and notice who's bike gets looked at....

I have a 76 DT250 that I learned to ride when I was 10, and rode for several years. You'd be surprised what they can do and how tough they are. Don't expect to jump with it but trails, smoother sandpits, fields, and roads are a blast. The horn is the coolest part, always a laughing matter with people that haven't seen one before. I have knobbies on mine and it still is fun to take for a relaxing spin with the nice quiet exhaust.


Any other comments on the DT400. I am also looking at one for 50/50 trail/street use. I have a proper dirt bike for proper MXing.

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