1000 help!

Hey I know this will sound corny but at times it feels good to be part of this website and the baja section. Just reading current post and all the guys coming together to fill in spots on teams, riders or chase is awesome. Hopefully when my turn comes you guys will help me out. I will be watching at the bottom of La Rhumarosa this year where the wash meets the only concrete portion of road,just north of the hwy overpass. So if anyone needs a hand or a drink ill be out there.

Same here, we will be at RM 350 Checker's pit (cars) and MasterCraft TT pit. If you need radio relay etc. Brian or Ken

Hey guys it will be good to know if you are going to be on the race course. Please let the people know radio frecuency and aprox race mile and any special markings that you are using on your pit or spectator site.

That way the guys more than anything the irondudes will have a chance to make a log about where to find help or drink, food etc. if neded.

I think JAt has a shoulder ready for all of those who need to cry after doing the Sanfelipe section

Race si very close now be safe.

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