where should I get ign box xr120 is it worth it?

Has anyone tested an ignition box like BBR rev box on a dyno. Is it worth getting.thank you, Matt

The boxes come out of Japan I gather. The Kitaco site lists a whole lot of them for most bikes and they lift the max revs limit of the CDI. The XR100 CDI allows pretty high RPM anyway (socalxr got 14,000 +) I dont think it will add much but I am not sure. Much more effective where rev limit is set by the factory much lower than what the bike can do, say on the CRF150.

That was kind of my impression. I wonder if anyone who's tried one felt any performance gain at all. thanks for the response. Matt

I forgot to say I have on order a Kitaco complete small rotor CDI setup for the XR motor. Its expensive but I will let you know if its worth it when its bolted on.

dont forget about the valve springs :)

Right on that. Valve springs and good retainers are important to get a bike to rev and run smoothly up the top.

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