need help with tires

I have these maxxis tires on my husky wr250 that dont hook up very well and have a goofy tread on them, i believe they are for on-off road (idk but check the pic) i want to get a good set of mx tires because the trails we ride are mostly soft to moderately hard mud and stuff with a little bit of tree branches and stuff like that, nothing super hard or rocky. Does anyone have any good recommendations? i abosolutley HATE the tires on there now. The front is a 21 and the rear is an 18, looking for mx tires. Thanks!!!


The tires you have look like the M6001 Intermediate tires. They work better in loamy to hard pack conditions.

The conditions you describe sound perfect for Dunlop 756s or Michelin S12s.

yeah idk what they are for but i do not like them and they wont hook up for anything in what we ride on, ill check the ones you recommended thanks

ill sell them cheap if anyone wants them they are about 80% front and rear give or take they have a good amount of life in them the red and yellow stripes are still on the back

Just read up on those tires, seems like they dont tend to last very long i want something that i can ride about 6 hours a weekend on, so i figure every 6 months id like to replace tires or somewhere like that i dont tend to wear them out very fast, my old kx125 had dunlops on there idk what kind but they wore great and still looked new when i sold the bike

Any other recommendations? Whats the big different between soft terrain tires and intermediate?

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