Leatt Adventure is almost here

The guys over at VitalMX.com have received a new Leatt Adventure and reviewed it. They gave it a favorable review and say Leatt told them a "substantial quanity" of the new braces should be here just after thanksgiving. Just thought I'd pass this along since I know several of you have been waiting on these. Hope the link works


wow they're only going to be $195. sign me up, thanks for the link

Is there a sizing chart for these anywhere yet? Need to find out what size I got to buy

If you contact Leatt they should be able to help you. I think they may have a sizing chart on their site.

This is awesome I was about to spend the money on the evs race collar, but wasnt sure if it was good, so I was thinking of saving up to get a leatt. This is exactly what I need:thumbsup:

I heard the EVS sucked. I wouldnt know because I havent tried any neckbrace but im going to get the leatt adventure

Iam looking to buy a used brace from someone and they dont know the size of it. how do I know how to tell what size it is? is there some kind of marking on it. Thanks

I looked at the EVS Race Collar last week in person. I wanted to see one after seeing some negative reviews here. After seeing one in person, I'm leaning toward the EVS brace. It looked pretty nice in person.

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