Power Now Intake Plenum

Has anyone tried the "Power Now" carb incert in a 250F?

How about an aftermarket ignition?

I am wondering same thing. I have the off idle bog, but it's not too bad. thinks maybe i am just to used to 2smokes. But this bike is so fun I would never go back

Do a search (Search function is on the gray bar next to "Main Index")for "Power Now" with a window of 6 months or so. There will be a lot of information on it. A guy started a thread in the Parts forum offering to buy a used Power Now from anyone that wasn't happy with it and got no takers.

Yes,I have both of them. They both work great, better response and power especially off idle. I think the power now is a better value, but they are both worth the $. Matt

Ordered my power now last night for the kids 03 250f. doesnt fit like the 02, Fits inside the carb bell like the 2 strokes. I'll let ya know how it works when instaled.

Just got a 02 250F and have been reading about some mods to do and the power now seems like one to look at. Not very mechanically inclined so how hard is this unit to install?

did they say they had them in stock? We still haven't gotten ours we ordered about 2-3 weeks ago.

bigdrtrdr - could you post a picture of the 03 PowerNow version? I want to see the difference between the 03 and 02 versions - thanks.

yamy_rider - The mod is simple, remove the clamp from the air intake boot, push it back to remove the carb's air intake venturi (I think that's what it's called?) - one of the Allen bolt is tricky to remove (tight space), replace the stock venturi with the PowerNow venturi then put back the air intake boot - done (1/2 hour at most)!

There are some pics in my sig below...

I did a search on this. What I got out of the search is mixed feelings. Some say it's worth it and others don't. I have an '01 YZ 250 with the hesitation. Does this help with that? I know it is supposed to help off the bottom and up to the midrange. Does directing the air more on the bottom going to help the over abundance of fuel. Will this cure or at least help the bog of bottom?

So far, my bike doesn't have the "bog" or "hesitate" problem that many people have so I don't know if it's the PowerNow or I'm just lucky...

If you have a "bog", this usually is a rich condition and the PowerNow should help with pushing more air through from 0-1/2 throttle (along with the mixture screw and proper jetting). If you have the "hesitate" problem, you're running lead and need more fuel to get going IMHO.

The PowerNow helps me with starting hot and cold, my bike is harder to stall in low RPMs with it and I've noticed improved bottom (the 12T CS may also have something to do with my improved bottom though).

Hey, YZthump45...

Don't listen to the guys that say they don't work. If you read the entire post you will realize the guys who thought they did not work have not tried them. They do absolutely work. I have sampled several of them and have put some good miles on the before and after the Powernow (back to back) and it does do what it is advertised to do. It makes it easier to start, It gives it more snap off the bottom and will fix the hesitation if your jetting is close, and seems to make the bike slightly harder to stall.

Quit stirring the pot KA! BTW, are you going to put one on your bike? AC says you have a girlie bike. Is that true? LOL

PS- If you buy a YZ 250 (2stroke) You won't have to worry about getting a power now!

If the Power Now is supposed to be "not as advertised" why aren't they being posted for sale in Parts and Accessories?

AV check your PM

who has ordered one of these? There web site sucks,wont let me order from there. What kinda delivery time are you guys getting


ordered my powernow in December on a Friday and got the part by Weds. Called directly and the guy was very knowledgeable. PowerNow is now part of DSP which is owned by FMF. That's what I remember and it was quite painless. After Dirt Rider mag article last month they have LOTS of orders and the price that was printed was incorrect. Paid around $97.00 shipped.

Funny hoov.... How would AC know that my bike is "girly" when he only sees the back of it for a split second at the head of every trail when I have to wait for his ass to show up. :>) As for the YZ250 I know where I can get one for a song from a dork who has three bikes and has one on order but does not ride. CRF here yet? Remember to pull that air box and seal it!!!

Hey, going to ride a snowmobile this weekend up at Adams... Fun

Take it easy dude.

Read your PM, thanks bigdrtrdr. When you send the PM, you can be notified if the receiver has read it or not by checking the notification box incase you don't know this...

Ahh the magazines and the demands make the prices go up! I paid $70 for it a few months ago... :)

Didn't know that PowerNow and DSP are owned by FMF?! So if you buy a DSP pipe/system, it's really an FMF system? Wow.

Tell DSP you saw the price at $ 79.00 in dirt rider mag. and they will honor that price. Mine just arrived yesterday - took three weeks from order date.

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