polishing question

i was wondering if i could polish the rims on my 07 with mothers aluminim polish?



You can but you will umm be doing it for a long time..

Start out with some 500grit wet/dry sand paper

then move to 700grit, then 1000grint I even went to 2000 grit and finished off with mothers.

On a side not. I only did the top spars that go from the head around the tank to the giant weld. No futher. That was time consuming. Did look real good though.

Umm I just knoticed you asked about your rims..

No, they are anodized and mothers doesn't polish the clear coating produced by the anodizing proccess, you can seach for an anodizing polish. but if its scratched real bad you're not realy gonna be able to do anything for it.

okay yeah i poloshed my frame spars to a mirror it looks so sweet. after the first time it doesnt take hlf the time of the first time but yeah i think ill just stick with the spurs cause that sounds like it would take a while. and yeah my rims are a little scratched up. thanks for your help!


mothers takes for ever, if u can find it use MIRROR FINISH POLISH

what does the bottle or whatever it come in look like and where did u get it i got mothers at walmart!lol and im going back to get some magic erasers they work sweet on the frame.

Make sure you use the paste Mother's Polish in the little, white can. The paste works MUCH better than the liquid stuff.

yeah i bought th emothers it works great except it leaves nehind a little bit of the black color????????

yeah i bought th emothers it works great except it leaves nehind a little bit of the black color????????

All polish should leave behind a black color if it's working. Its turns black from the dirt coming off the aluminum. After a while of wiping just wipe off the black residue with a clean rag.

what does sanding do to the metal? At first it sounds a little iffy

like when i say black its after i take most of the polish off do i need to just keep going? and is there anyway to get rid of the swirl marks on my frame? they are more noticable after i polish it.

The swirl marks are usually scratches. Use a finer polish or some really really fine sand paper. I have never used sand paper, but i would imagine it takes the scratches out, i would go over with polish after.

But yes to get the black stuff off, just keep going. Eventually it will come off.

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