OT: Tip of the day, year, month or something

(not particulary in that order)

TIP: be a nice person.

I went away this weekend, my dads friend is a real jerkoff. Bad driver, inconsiderate about others, always telling people what to do as if they can't even understand simple tasks, not polite, never generous. Just not somebody I ever intend to spend a weekend with again. Not to mention his son is a real jerk too. I guess it runs in the family. Actually I know it runs in the family.

Kinda venting here, sorry if its totally OT. Its just life is so much more enjoyable when your generally a nice person. I just really don't understand people :)

Man I was just talking about this stuff with my wife. We were driving home and some jackass passed a semi on the right, and did it very carelessly. He gained two car spaces, equating to like a half second ahead, and he looked like the worlds biggest assmunch afterwards.

The point is that the extra half second he was ahead was not worth looking like an idiot.

The same principle can be applied to robbing a bank. If you can get away with a million bucks or something, might be worth it. But these kids that steal like a couple 'o hundred, then do jail time, come on.

I'm with ya man, there's just no reason to be that way. Glad there's someone else out there who's not going to run me over. Thanks.

big cup of go F@&k your self usually does those type of guys some good! :)

I truly believe karma works. I've seen too many extremely unpleasant people (putting it mildly) get their just rewards. I'm not angelic by any means. I do believe (maybe erroneously) that I can bank or save good karma to make up for the times when I do give that inconsiderate driver the one-finger-salute. :D

IMO life is too short to hang out with a-holes.

Imagine if we all just agreed to live by the Golden Rule, which in essence just says treat people the way you would like to be treated, we'd all live in a happier place. :D

Ok, enough with the touchy-feely crap. Let's ride! :)

karma does work, I also live by it.

I also hate drivers who cut around only to gain nothing, yet risk the lives of everybody around them. Sometimes I swear.... I could just....

If assh@les could fly this place would be an airport.

If assh@les could fly this place would be an airport.

LMMFAO!!! :):D :D

I to believe in the Karma thing. Lots of folks just give you a dumb look when you talk about it. But some of us know it works! :)

Sure seems to be a lot of angry frustrated people out there banging there heads against the wall...

Just to put things in perspective the best quote on trafffic is from George Carlin:

Anyone who passes you is an [censored], anyone in your way is an idiot.

Not sure if thats exactly how it went, but something to that effect... :)

Reckless drivers suck, now that Im street riding again I gain new respect for

guys doing it more then me and new fear of everyone else... :D

Im sure people look at me on my bike and get pissed because lane splitting

is still legal in california... :D

I'm with Drew. Life is just too short. Pick your battles and let all the other [censored] go. I used to get really ticked off at other drivers but now I realize most of them aren't &%$#@!, they're just stupid or completely unaware that they did anything wrong.

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