2008 SM610 service manual

Is there a service manual for 08 sm610 in a pdf file to download ?

I have a service manual for Husqvarna including SM610. I purchased it from a dealer. Contact your dealer and ask to purchase the CD.

The file is 64GB and I don't know how to sent it. maybe as a ftp but I would need some instruction on how to do it.

the latest i could find is for 2006

Oops, you're right. :thumbsup: I'm working on it and will post up if I find a solution.

Dealers sell it for $10 on CD. Maybe $5 to ship.

Newer ones like this are not on the internet, at least I haven't found one.

CD has the owner's manual, shop manual, parts listing and maybe one other thing like the original brochures.

I bought a copy from a dealer for $10. It is the same manual for the TE. PM me and I'll help you get a copy :thumbsup: .

you can use "yousendit.com" to send files up to 100gb in size... for free!

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