what size sprocket

how many teeth would you reccommend for a new rear sprocket? stay stock or go up a couple?

Depends on where you ride and what you like.

I'm riding mostly single track in the woods. I decided to go up to a 53 rear and gear down a little. I know Honda says to go up or down 1 tooth from stock but I didn't think that would be worth it.

I can tell you I had to add 2 links to my chain in the process.

I don't know how it works yet, that comes in the morning.

I ride mx and the more open woods. I think the crf250 run out of gear too fast already so i went to a 49. didn't notice any loss of power but I did notice that the gears last longer.

13/48! Works well for me

i went up one in the rear for woods/tight single track. i have not been on an mx track on my crf yet so i cant say anything in that area.

ya it just depends on what you want. Quicker acceleration go up teeth. Longer gear with more top end speed go down teeth. Just be prepared to add or take out links depending on how many teeth you add or take out.

Well I like the 53 for my type riding, we hardly have any area where I can get into 4 gear let alone 5th.

Now second feels like first gear, make the tight woods easier.

I am a pretty big for a 250 and with the 13/53 I can now pull the front end up in 4th gear.

I down loaded a spread sheet that gives all the varibles for gearing in each gear and the speed at any RPM with your choices. I only lost 3 MPH in top gear at max RPM.

I love it.

If I was only 160 pounds maybe I'd not have needed it.

I ride everything you can think of, single track, quad tracks, gravel pits, MX, and down road... i have tried a few gearing variations, 13:50 - felt like it didnt pull hard enough 13:52- ran out of gear to fast... and my current is 13:51 which i like the best. it is hard to believe that you can have such a variation of feel in just 3 teeth, but it is noticable


I am runnin 13/49. I like it, it really seems like it made first gear alot longer.

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