Jetting help, red or blue needle?

i'm getting my yoshi fitted next tuesday ( but i'm in a bit of a fix with the jd kit instructions, it says to use the red needle with clip in 4th for hot and humid climates. i'm located at the equator, sea level and it's quite humid here with average temps of ~86°F. all i have read so far are standard 3 x 3" blue needle on 3rd and 155 main with 25 pilot. i'm using my stock BSR36 carb, will i need different settings to start with?

red, 3rd 160 and 25 i believe

heeelppp !!

no kind soul willing to guide me ?

I would if I could but I myself have just asked for jetting help. Good Luck!:thumbsup:

Do what the JD instructions tell you. " says to use the red needle with clip in 4th for hot and humid climates. ..."

Remember, this is a starting point. Set according to JD, and test. You may have to move the clip a position, you may not.

Never seen that exhaust before? Where are you from?

singapore. thks camma83 and you folks, i got it done as per the humidity and temps around here. my mech fitted it with the red needle (said that the blue wouldn't fit?) with clip on 2nd, 160 main and 25 pilot + 3 x 3 mod. it feels like stock at the get go but it pulls like hell at the top. it does pop quite a bit on decel sometimes especially in the morning so i had to go smooth on the throttle, wonder if that's normal? :thumbsup:

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