Fantastic Views Riding Today Pics/Video Included!

Went on a very nice, somewhat mellow sight seeing ride today. Mostly fire roads with a little ST in between, but the views were awesome. Here are some pics to share. It was just me and XLEnduroMan. By the way he took the first dirt nap I have seen him take like less than a minute after I took one. They were both very low speed step in a hole type thing. Mine was a front tire washout on some slimy red clay.

The gas up before the adventure.


A buttload of shells from many drunken destructive adventures of teens I'm sure.


Some of the leftover appliances from those drunken adventures.


A nice lookout.



Old fire watch tower that burned down many years ago.


Livin' on the Edge!


The bottom of the edge.


very unique rock formation.


I'm sure some of you are already recognizing this area.




more to come.

I always wondered what the deal with the cement pad was about now i know. :thumbsup:

Me crossing a creek with new camera!img]Learning to use the camera.<img src=[/img]What a view.PICT0005.jpgThis is a strange sight and no I did not lick it!:moon:PICT0009.jpg Making sure the camera is on.PICT0012.jpgAhh! Break time!PICT0019.jpgWhat a kick ass spot to take a break:cheers: PICT0026.jpgPICT0027.jpgPICT0028.jpgPICT0029.jpgThat sums up our adventure because it got dark and pic would suck, so hope you all enjoy! Rock Monster Out!:thumbsup:

Nor. Cal? Is that Shasta in the background? Thanks for the picks, nice ride spot fo sho...


Nor. Cal? Is that Shasta in the background? Thanks for the picks, nice ride spot fo sho...

Actually there are pics of Shasta and Lassen from standing at the same spot. Really good panoramic view. Elevation was 3875 at peak ride today. :thumbsup:

Helicopter Pad for past logging/fire events

The shooting range used to have a cool little track around it.

Eide, drink, shoot. Used to be fun. Now it's all trash and broken glass.

Thr roads on the other side of Ponderosa Rd. are fun and fast.You can loop all the way to the chopper pad from there.

Pathetic Trashing of The Great Outdoors.

Totally Shameful.



Yup it is a shame a lot of Lassen NF is trashed like that.

Yeah, I know of 4 or five places that look just like this in Lassen National Forest. I feel like this forest is my home and we have always collected our shells or shot at watermelons so the bird can eat the remains. Fruit not only makes a wonderful snack, but also a very theatrical target.:thumbsup:

Yup it is a shame a lot of Lassen NF is trashed like that.

Not that I am condoning the behavior, cuz I'm not. That spot is ruined because of that $hit.

Take a look at the map and you will see that is not Lassen NF. It is private timberlands. Maybe 1/2 mile of the trail is actually in the NF. I was about to give it to the FS during the route designation then realized that was against my bteer judgement plus it isn;t FS lands.

Well you are right...but that doesn't matter to the people wrecking the place right?


On occassion I've seen some old dudes up ther epickin up brass.

They didn't take the couch, fridge, micro, tv, toaster, water ehater, etc...

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